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Payment on Policies

Payment is due by the 15th of the month following the effective date.

Credit Card or ACH


To Access credit card and ACH payments, you will need to login to The Grove: Agent Portal. You can learn more about The Grove and request login credentials by clicking HERE.

Credit Card- $3.50 minimum per transaction, applicable to card payments up to $110. 3.25% fee on card payments above $110 (no fees are set nor retained by Chris-Leef)


ACH- No fee

Once payment is completed, please email to advise payment has been made.

FAQs about Online Payments



Q: Can I make payments online?

A: Yes! We have an Online Payment system in our Agent Portal: The Grove.


Q: Will I still be able to access your Online Payment system on your website?

A: You will no longer be able to access Online Payments on, but getting access to our Agent Portal will grant you access to our Online Payment system as well as other features we think you will find extremely helpful.


Q: How do I access The Grove?

A: Contact Meagan via email at and we will send you your login credentials and more information.


Q: Are there fees when paying online?

A: If you are paying by credit card there is a fee, HOWEVER paying by ACH has no additional fees.


Q: Can I apply one payment to multiple policies?

A: You can! Find out how to do this by watching the Tutorial video found HERE.


Q: Can I make a payment for a policy that hasn’t yet been bound?

A: You can, you will need the “Quote #” for that policy to do so. Find out how to do this by watch the Tutorial video found HERE.

Premium Financing

Chris-Leef offers premium financing as an accommodation to our agents. This is a service we have offered for years and have found this to be helpful in securing coverage.


  • Minimum Amount for financing is $400 after down payment

  • Premium Finance agreement returned to us (signed by insured & agent)

  • Down payment (normally 25% but contact our office to confirm)

  • All fees are collected in the down payment

  • Down payment sent to our office (less agent commission)

  • Fully earned policies are not eligible

  • Once account set up all notices and payments are sent by and made to the finance company

Wire Transfers

This option is available for payment. Please contact us for more information.

Checks/Secured Funds

We only accept agency checks for payment or secured funds from the insured (i.e. cashier checks or money orders).

Insured checks not accepted

Direct Bill options may be available for certain lines of coverage. Please contact your Underwriter.

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