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Charity Golf Tournament


Our 10th Annual Charity Golf Tournament was to be held on Thursday September 24th, 2020. During these unpredictable times, we have been weighing the pros and cons of hosting this event and have come to the decision to postpone the tournament until 2021. This decision was not easy, but we believe it is the right choice to ensure we all can enjoy a safe, fun, and charitable event next year and we will be continuing our efforts to raise funds for this worthy cause through a virtual auction and other campaigns throughout the year.


Despite our need to postpone events and entertainment, we must remember that cancer is not taking a pause. Chris-Leef is committed to partnering with Noah's Bandage Project to raise awareness of the immense need for pediatric cancer research funding. Only 4% of the U.S. national cancer research budget goes to researching childhood cancer. To learn more about Noah's Bandage Project, click here.

So, how can you help? Below you will find a place to Host a Bandage Drive and a place where you can make a direct donation. You can also drop off or send fun, colorful bandages to our both of our offices through the month of August!

In return we will be including your logo and information in multiple email blasts and social media campaigns, on our website, and as part of a Sponsor Highlight Series that we will be producing as part of our awareness campaign.


We were excited to announce our 2019 event raised $22,100 for Noah's Bandage Project! That makes a grand total of $129,492.84 raised over the last 8 years benefiting cancer awareness, testing, prevention, research, and treatment!! We couldn’t do this without the support of our golfers, retail agents, carriers, community sponsors, staff, family and friends!

The History and Future of our Tournament


Due to the unfortunate impact Breast Cancer has had on our staff, as a company, we felt the need to host an event that would allow a generous donation to be made to Susan G. Komen. In 2011, our vision of supporting a great cause blossomed into our first Breast Cancer Charity Golf Tournament. Chris-Leef management and staff dedicate their time year-round to put together an event that is not only fun and memorable for the participants but rewarding as well.


With your help, our first 8 tournaments have been huge successes! We have been able to raise a total of $109,392.84 for breast cancer awareness, testing, prevention, research, and treatment! Susan G. Komen has and will always hold a special place within our company.


For our 9th annual golf tournament, we have decided to switch gears and team up with a smaller charity that has more of a local focus and impact. We are very excited to announce our decision to partner with Noah’s Bandage Project and join the fight against childhood cancer. Only 4% of the U.S. national cancer research budget goes to researching childhood cancer. This is where we can step up and make a difference.  Visit to learn more about Noah’s mission.


We are very humbled and overjoyed that we can be a part of these amazing causes that have offered assistance and peace of mind for so many people! For all those involved – we cannot thank you enough!

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